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Transitional Main Floor Remodel: From Early 2000's Builder Grade, to Cozy-Modern/Traditional

I originally met with the wonderful young family who owns this home back in December of 2020 after being referred by a larger, well-established design firm out of Woodbury, MN. That firm, Interior Impressions, was only taking on full-home remodels and new-build design projects at the time, and the owner/lead designer, who knew I was a newbie in the industry, so graciously gave my name to the inquiring family as someone who could eagerly take on their main-floor remodel!

It's always the biggest challenge, and sometimes even a debilitating fear for any new business owner to find that "first" paying client after starting their new I am ever-grateful for the referral and opportunity that I was gifted almost two years ago by someone who understood how scary it is starting out as an entrepreneur.

After that initial high of "yes, someone wants to work with me!" wears off...the true challenge begins of course; I had to actually meet with this potential client, convince them that I could see their vision through to the end, and not cause them any undue stress or hardship while living in a construction zone, which, I did! Signed, sealed and.....

Well, Covid happened....and kept happening....and kept that initial promise of a swift and painless remodel became more of a drawn out headache for both the homeowners and myself; Supply chain delays, lack of available/qualified contractors and subs, backorders....yada-yada-yada.

Which brings us to October of 2022. And FINALLY, DZ Design Haus, has delivered (three times if you count the flip project in New Richmond and BEST project to date - Cruze Dean Riewer est. 2/1/22)...

So without further ado - please enjoy some quick before and afters of the project that got my foot in the door as a "real" designer and multi-business owner (Riewer Real Estate Group focuses on rentals and flip projects, but hires DZ Design Haus as needed)...and a much deserved shout-out to the homeowners who were not only kind, understanding, and gracious throughout the process, but who I now think of as friends and people who are more than deserving of this beautiful new space to call home!









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Marianela Rodriguez
Marianela Rodriguez
16 mar

Beautiful outcome! What a change! What choice of color did you use?

Mi piace
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