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NR Before & After Series:Kitchen/Dining

After 6 months of maternity leave, and some precious "work/me time" found thanks to my mother-in-law, I've decided to finally get the before and afters from our New Richmond Flip project posted to the blog...

Better late than never, right?!

Starting with the Kitchen and Dining space - which after knocking out a wall and ceiling, designing and ordering custom cabinetry, and having to come up with an alternative to refinishing/matching the hardwood floors that we found throughout the rest of the house - might have been one of the more intensive projects for this particular remodel; It definitely was the most expensive and laborious, but I think (know), it probably sold the home in the end - as good kitchens will do!

I knew I wanted to open up the wall separating the kitchen and dining room so that it would appeal to the modern family, and also give the eye something to focus on as soon as you walked in the front door. We talked about doing an island, but given the way that the support beams needed to run, a peninsula made more sense in this scenario, and still gave us added seating and serving space while keeping the sight lines open.

I LOVE anything green - especially cabinetry - and chose this beautiful sage/grey green to add some drama and warmth to the space. Color: Benjamin Moore - Desert Twilight (hint: I loved this color so much, it shows up again in another space you'll be seeing shortly).

A fresh white quartz countertop, elongated hexagonal backsplash laid vertically, new appliances, some great lighting, and the herringbone floor that also can be found in the foyer, porch, back entry, downstairs bath, and laundry room (thanks to my engineering-genius/hard-working husband).

And there you have it...the heart of the home

**and just to set realistic expectations - this took almost 5 months and around $30,000 (and we did a lot of the work ourselves) to complete - Rome wasn't built in a day, or for free ;)

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